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Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea

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Ramnicu Valcea, Judetul Valcea
Capatânii Cozia and Southern Carpathians, on both sides of the Olt River, at its exit from the gorge, is 20 km north of the county seat, city of Ramnicu Valcea and 80 km south of Sibiu. This village, where the monastery founded Mircea Cozia is known since Dacian times that found beneficial effects of thermal waters in the area. In 138 the Romans conquered Dacia up a camp here in the place named defense Bivolari holy mountain at the foot of the Dacians, Kogaionon (Mount tails today), the Roman camp known as "Arutela" Arutela being Romanian name of the Olt River.Construction camp has made around him to develop a rural settlement than rennet and well developed on both sides of the backbone. But this village community will fall apart in the fifth century, was divided between rulers, Caliman, Serban, and Bogdan Stoian. New settlements will place the current call Calimanesti city Stoienesti, under massive hill Serbanesti Cozia Bogdanesti and south of current city on the right bank of Oltului.Calimanestiul has a troubled past, determined by historical and social circumstances of past ages. Caliman his village, the monastery was founded around Cozia.Legend says that the monastery Cozia - which is related birth village - was built near each other, built by Negru Voda, which lies at the foot of the mountain goat, something north of Cozia monastery. Romanian principalities foundation on 24 January 1859 Cozia Monastery located around a bunch of small houses, village Cozia to descend on foot of water up to the backbone. "In these houses a few Romanians who live their needs, can be the bridge between our ancestors and we Romanians Daco-Romanian.City Calimanesti is certified as the first documentary to May 20th 1388 by Mircea the Old, "... he deigned to pick up in my basement ... at a monastery called Calimanesti the River, which was before my reign Nan village squire Udoba that with much love and diligently, as will my reign, previously called the dedicated monasteries.Besides Cozia monastery founded by Prince Mircea the Great, where the eternal resting place or Teofana mother and mother who at the beginning of the eighteenth century made the first connection of the Romanian principalities, Michael the Brave, longer Hermitage Island and found monasteries of Turnu and Stanisoara built in different eras of history. Calimanestiul, was visited by special people along its existence of Romanian culture.Remember, as Mihai Eminescu, national poet of the Romans, through this settlement came from Transylvania and visit the monastery Cozia in 1882, made a shocking remark to state what had actually built the sanctuary and also the resting place of the great gentleman Mircea. Show poet in the newspaper of 12 September 1882 Time: Cozia where imormantat Mircea I, ruler of the largest Romanian, in a country that included both banks of the Danube to the sea, where it imormantata Cozia family voda Michael the Brave an ancient monument almost equal to that country - which has become this? Jail..In a very cold winter of 1909, "Our passion poet, Octavian Goga came from Calimanesti to prepare appearance of the" We call earth. She sat in a box of Caciulata, near the bank froze Olt, of that River in Budapest which is, I dedicate the poem of the same name, without ever seeing it. Each era has left its mark on the town, remains today as testimony constituted appreciation that they have received from locals. Legend has it that a shepherd is spovedeste Cozia Monastery monks telling them that he was cured of "metehnele body" is bathing in a lake of "field of Caliman.I think this lake is "heavenly powers since he no longer has back pain and injured sheep were healed." The monks were checked and found Shepherd's testimony even around the monastery fountains for "rock sulfur cure. Artisans in the different cure "metehne of body" near the monastery built on an "infirmary" (a kind of hospital) where people come to treat patients. Founder himself ruler Mircea Cozia Monastery came here and was treated in old age. Later comes to healing and descendant Basarab.By the mid-nineteenth century doctor Carol Davila recommend Napoleon III, who suffered from liver disease, current water source no. From a hat. The water was bottled and taken to the Paris post. Also, Franz Joseph, King of Austria-Hungary received treatment from mineral water cap. Miraculous water Thanks Calimanesti fame has not gone through all stages of development in rural hamlet, village, city, but went directly to the stage of the resort.The beauty is that it places the great potent cause of early twentieth century to build beautiful Swiss-style villas, a sanatorium and casinos (the current library building and one on the island Island) holidays in a charming landscape of the Valley Olt, full of greenery and fresh air of the mountains. After 1900 the building is Calimanesti "Hotel Central", equipped with the treatment, first bath, and then with various spa procedures. Once all patients are and internal cures with mineral waters from sources that are both in Calimanesti-center, and the hat.In 1912, the island Island, the only habitable island in the river Olt, in fact the only island in a river inside of Romania, within a magnificent pine forests to build a casino in the south to a place called the whirlpool. In this place along time sports competitions were held local swimmers. Was also arranged a bowling alley and a scene, instead of presenting artistic performances. The island has attracted not only by this casino viligiaturistii, secular forest and crystalline waters murmur Alutus old. The island was and is the Island Hermitage, founded by Neagoe.It is remarkable that in the years 1975 - 1980, Hydro-fitting works because of Olt island was raised, and also sketches, but authorities then found that no reconstruction is necessary and casino. But what was most disastrous was that all forests were destroyed, replanted so not far from what was once, and more, without any respect at least a foundation of one of the eminent rulers of the Romanian people, what to talk of a place of worship, built a hermitage near the beach. After 1989, things came to a normal path, the island is now ceded to the hermitage.On this occasion the water works have disappeared and the two ferries that crossed the island Olt to pause and Island in the former railway halt, Calimanesti. Resort, while extending the Caciulata where there are hot springs and mineral wealth, and then to Cozia construction of hotels and treatment facilities. La Pausa is one of the largest student and school camps, where generations of students have spent the school holidays unforgettable. From here they went on trips to the monasteries of Turnu Stanisoara Cozia, or Cornetu mass Trajan (now under the waters of hydroelectric amenajerii Olt) and Mount Cozia magnificent stone bear lying on his back.All left and unforgettable dance evenings held various villas on the terraces. Basic industry of the city is the spa tourism.
Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea

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Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea

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Statiunea Calimanesti Ramnicu Valcea