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Manastirea Rohia Targu Lapus Manastirea Rohia Targu Lapus Manastirea Rohia Targu Lapus Manastirea Rohia Targu Lapus Manastirea Rohia Targu Lapus

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Maramures, Targu Lapus, Maramures
The beginnings of the monastery are related to individual Romanian Orthodox priest Nicholas Herman (1877-1959), vicar in the village at the foot of Vine Hill - Rohia, which is found perched hillside monastery. Priest founder of the monastery built in memory of his daughter, the child Anuta, which he lost, being called to the Lord in November 1922, at the age of 10 years old. This girl has done a good news because the will of God, the nights turn, the child appears to him in her father's dream, asking him to build a house of the Virgin of Vine Hill Rohia border.At first grieving parent dreams hidden in his heart, until, one day a woman faithful flower Elijah came to him and said: "Father, why not listen to God that your child commands by Anuta , to do house Virgin Vine Hill? "asks a puzzled father -" the house to make Virgin? "to which she replied -" Monastery to do, Father! "the father of Nicholas and then realized that it is a divine decision and, overwhelmed with peace of mind, decided to build a monastery in his child's memory and to comfort the faithful in these parts.Backed by its consatenii, Father decides lifting Holy Monastery in a clearing called "the oak of Pintea" where, according to custom, was stuck a cross. Over several days, but found amazed that they had settled on the cross was not clearing the place, but somewhere else, just on the spur of the hill on a cliff. Suspecting that a malevolent hand has committed this move, the cross was brought and laid in place and a believer named Alexander Pop guard stayed overnight. Late in the evening when it began to snow faithful returned home.The next day morning when he got there, although there was no follow freshly fallen snow, the cross was in place but was again found the place where the present church is the monastery. We all believed that it can only be revealed through a sign showing where the holy church to be built monasteries. Works to raise church began in 1923. After many hardships, the sacrifices and great enthusiasm and arms helped hundreds of believers, we managed that in two years to be built a modest church and a monastic house.The monastery was consecrated only in 1926, worthy of remembrance by Bishop Nicholas Ivan Cluj on 15 August, the feast of the Assumption, who became patron of the monastery. Thus was born "the first settlement of this Feliu" in Transylvania joined. Long, the settlement remained the state of hermitage, unable to grow because access very difficult. The monastery could develop after 1965 and especially 1970, when electricity was introduced and arranged access road.Elders with zeal and dedication of the rich heritage real vocation Rohia monastery, heritage which today consists of the following values: 'Oak House' (1965), "House Staretiei" (1969-1972), "House Chapel (1973 - 1975), "House of the Poet" (1977-1979), "Altar of summer" (1980-1983), "Maramuresan Gate" entrance to the monastery (1988), "White House" (1988-1992), "Gate village "(1999-2001)," Corner Maramures "consisting of a house and a wooden church (2001).One of the important achievements of this settlement was, is and remains that here, during the 70 years of existence, hundreds of thousands of Romanians have found embodied the aspirations of nation unity and faith.
Rohia monastère Targu Lapus

Carte Manastirea Rohia Targu Lapus
Rohia monastère Targu Lapus

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Rohia monastère Targu Lapus