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Manastirea Prislop Silvasu de Sus Manastirea Prislop Silvasu de Sus Manastirea Prislop Silvasu de Sus Manastirea Prislop Silvasu de Sus Manastirea Prislop Silvasu de Sus

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Silvasu de Sus, Judetul Hunedoara
Prislop Monastery (Upper Silvasul) - Sec. XIII-XVIII Unknown early monastery. Since it was located on land that had kept the Romanian nobles of Ciula, it can be assumed that they were secular foundations of the place. Can not speak with any positive data, on any cloister of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. There is one witness who recorded the presence of Tismana Nicodemus in medieval Hungary. It is scrap from his gospel: \ "The Gospel of Nicodemus priest wrote in Hungarian Country in 6913 (1404-1405) \".Nicodemus tradition in particular has put a long string of other monasteries that were founded later. In fact, the slightest relationship can not be made between the Tismana Prislop and Nicodemus. In the mid-sixteenth century, reaching almost ruined Prislop Monastery, was built in 1564 \ "in base \" of Zamfira, daughter of Moses Prince of the Romanian country. It is possible that the old temple, whose trace is writing about the mid-nineteenth century, existed somewhere in the woods near the existing buildings.Zamfira acted underlying security at a convent because she as a woman, have the building of the monastery of men. Anxious to save her soul, after the fourth marriage Transylvanian nobles who were not orthodox religion, she has endowed with jeweles abode expensive and relics. Among them, as it seems, only an icon came up today. Zamfira gravestone, broken into several pieces, is at Prislop. It contains the Latin and Cyrillic inscriptions. Two abbots, John and Theophilus, are mentioned in documents.Not knowing anything about their role in the administration of the monastery. Perhaps the seventeenth century was based on church teaching Prislop school for young people who were to become priests in the villages. John Abbot in 1585 to reach metropolitan Bălgrad (Alba), and in 1615 became bishop Theophilus Vad. Here in the seventeenth century experiences the St. John of Prislop. In the eighteenth century was the Greek-Catholic monastery. He received a final garment the signature of Simon fresco of Pitesti. Since it preserves a few fragments.He was deeply involved in religious troubles of the eighteenth century, of the Greek Catholic and Orthodox. In the nineteenth century was almost deserted and managed by parish priests. Soon after being switched to Orthodox (1948), was dissolved and set aside for secular purpose. Recovered as monastic abode after 1975, with a community of nuns.About John Hermit speaks both local tradition and Ephraim Monk, author of \ "Complaint Monastery Silvaşului \", written after 1762, the following verse: And then, a couple to some of the village John's name, followed by St. Nicodemus; The world and all relatives came From here came to me. In one cell, rock and made The ministry God liked And finally after he glorified God; Cave and is now And \ "Chile St \" is called.Iara after some random With God's prior defense Relatives of the village saint Relics have very high And they brought Romanian Land In some monastery put them. But the race of the kind ever For a particle of his relics are found. In 1948 the abbot of the monastery is Fr Arsenie Boca and after abode was transformed into convent, a confessor remained until 1959, when communists were scattered congregation and Father Arsenie Boca have established compulsory residence in Bucharest.In 1976, is Prislop convent. In 1991 the monastery was founded in St. Catherine Monastery Theological Seminary, a school term of five years.
Manastirea Prislop Silvasu de Sus

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Manastirea Prislop Silvasu de Sus

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Manastirea Prislop Silvasu de Sus