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Manastirea Sihastria Targu Neamt Manastirea Sihastria Targu Neamt Manastirea Sihastria Targu Neamt Manastirea Sihastria Targu Neamt Manastirea Sihastria Targu Neamt Manastirea Sihastria Targu Neamt

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Targu Neamt, Judetul Neamt
Hermitage Monastery is located in the northern part of the Neamt County, 22 km from the town of Targu Neamt, on the road leading to Pipirig - Wah. Neamt Monastery leaving right way, so walked to the monks, princes and chroniclers, the road continues through Braniste world. Century oaks, scattered on both sides and several mounds of earth remember, according to local tradition, the defending Moldova. The thrill of these evocations, the road leaves the main road 15 km, passes over and enters Ozana westward Secu river valley. After 4 km climb slowly, besides rocks and old forests, the traveler meets their way Secu Monastery.From here the road is heading south to watch the thread closely river, which makes its place among the hard rocks of sandstone and alder bushes. Valley becomes more narrow and lonely. Another 3 km of road in the forest and the river environment, then it is revealed in all its beauty, serenity and solitary, Hermitage Monastery. Located at the edge of forests, a wide open valley to the sun, sheltered from all around the peaks whose height varies between 800-1100 meters, which keep out the harsh winter and hot summer days, the monastery has a geographical position worthy of envy . Above any road or river not dare to go.So lundu his farewell from one another, in many paths branch out and as many springs coming radially from the surrounding mountain peaks. Each side, each Obcina and clearing are crossed from one side to another, the paths that overlap, forming a direct connection between the land of monasteries of Neamt and the surrounding world. A trail climbs westward over the mountain crest Stanisoara, about four hours, to Hangu. Another leading north towards the top pitch, crosses lands with numerous flocks of sheep and after three hours Pipirig descends.A more popular path the travelers headed to the east ridge climb Agapiei chest by clearing the refectory, and, after a little stop over in clearing Hermit Sergei, down in less than three hours, the foundation hetman Gabriel, either directly or by Old Agapia. But most common is the path that goes south to Sihla hermitage, about an hour, where you can reach Agapia, and at monasteries and Horăiţa Varatec by clearing Ciungi. Year Built: seventeenth century Built by: Bishop of Husi and, in 1734, Bishop of the Roman Location: Neamt Abstract: The church was built after a conch plan with three apses.Above the nave, on an octagonal base, stands a tower surrounded by 12 pillars. There is no wall between the narthex and nave, but a massive dome supported by pillars separating the two liturgical spaces. Church of Nativity of the Virgin is surrounded by the monastic buildings and the peaceful settlement of Hermitage. Gideon, a former monk and priest at the Monastery Secu Bishop of Husi and in 1734 Bishop of the Roman church built new from Sihastria between 1730 and 1734.In 1821, the wooden church built by Bishop Gideon was burned during a political unrest caused by Etairia nationalist movement. Domitian, priest and Secu Neamt monasteries, erected a new church of stone, dedicated to the "Virgin Birth" in 1824. Also when walls were built surrounding the church and the two towers. Tower of bears is in the middle of the southern wall and a bell was placed in the north-eastern corner. Also in court were built monks cells and a chapel.They were burned in 1941 and immediately rebuilt. Contact: Address: Troops Commune, Neamt County, Code 617 500 Tel: +40 (233) 251896 and +40 (745) 251897, Fax: +40 (233) 251978 Web: Abbot: Archimandrite. Nancy Victorin
Manastirea Sihastria Targu Neamt

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Manastirea Sihastria Targu Neamt

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Manastirea Sihastria Targu Neamt