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Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad

Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad - Cazare lângă Lacul Sfanta Ana

Tusnad, Judetul Harghita
Ana Lake is the only lake of volcanic origin in Europe, situated at an altitude of 946 meters Ciumatul Grand Massif, near Tusnad. Lake was born on the bottom of an extinct volcano crater called Puciosu Ciomatu the volcanic massif. The area was declared a nature reserve. Bog swamp lake is particularly beautiful, but dangerous, which can be visited only with a guide. There are two access routes to the lake: from the village Bixad, Tirgu Secuiesc, Covasna county or Turia-Balvanyos.This-Saint-Anne.Lake is considered the cleanest in Romania and in the world due to distilled water, but it is not lack of potable mineral salts (mineralization being 0.002%). Lake has acquired the name because of local legends. The first refers to a young legend, Ana, who, forced by parents to marry interest wedding night ran and jumped into the lake, disappearing altogether. The second refers to the rivalry between two brothers who lived in the city from this place wanted to show other that has a most imposing and carriage to get to him to harness more of the people in calesca virgins.It could not happen because it urneasca of weight, which is why they biciuiasca man began furiously. One girl, Ana, prayed and cursed, and ask them to come true. Immediately started a storm with lightning and thunder, earthquakes, and city tyrant brother sank in flames. Instead the city, tears girls formed a quiet blue lake. Road to Lake St. Anne, at 950 meters altitude, is surrounded by forest. Sunlight hardly penetrate through the veil of leaves, so that a company keeps its pleasant cool traveler.Mountains hide fascinating places such as Cave Puturosul. From the depths of the earth in surfacing gas beneficial effects. Because of the smell, it is called \ "stinking cave \" or \ "brimstone \". Emanations of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are being felt very strongly, even if resulting from volcanic eruption about a million years. The area is also a gap called "bird cemetery, because many birds because of lack of oxygen, they die. Dry gas baths, so-called pits, are clean health.Are indicated in particular people suffering from vascular and skeletal system. But beware! What hurts too much. So tourists should not linger too long in the cave and not to venture over the line indicates the gas, otherwise mofette can be dangerous. After a short walk through the forest with eyes we watched quiet stretches of water from the mountains. Unique in Europe, Lake St. Ann has an area of 20 hectares and a depth of seven meters. Basically we are in the crater of a volcano.Chances of breaks are quite small, but you never know. Legend says that once, this place was a fortress. Lord of the city, the 13 virgins of angry people, including Anna preafrumoasa, he hitched to a carriage and whip them up in the blood. Ana nemairezistând pain, made a prayer to God, then uttered a curse: \ "Give God to crack the earth now, we sink and we \ '. And God heard the prayer and the mountain collapsed and cried tears of girls was born a lake, clear as glass.Lake water is so pure, that is approaching the distilled purity. There is oxygen, which is why any creature does not live here. The story goes that he who bathes in it is certainly not washed from sin and death. A boat ride on Lake St Ann's more than relaxation, and because this area is highly ionized negative and local people say they feel nervous system effects immediately. There is also a less known part of the reserve Saint Anne, mossy lake, where basically if you stay more are swallowed by the swamp.Not only do people have to be careful, but small creatures because they are carnivores palnte. After half a mile through the woods, get into the crater Ciomatul Great part of Harghita chain. This shortcoming From TuSnad take up to Mount Puturosu, continue with mountains and Căliman Giurgeu forming longest volcanic chain in Europe.
Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad

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Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad

Cazare lângă Lacul Sfanta Ana

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Baile Tusnad (3 km)
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Cozmeni (12 km)
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Miercurea-Ciuc (26 km)
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Miercurea-Ciuc (29 km)
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Miercurea-Ciuc (27 km)
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Sfantu-Gheorghe (30 km)
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Sfantu-Gheorghe (30 km)
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Prejmer (45 km)
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Harghita-Bai (34 km)
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Harghita-Bai (35 km)
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Lacul Sfanta Ana Tusnad